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First Floor Plans

As I am just catching you all up on the work we have done so far and where we are going from here, I thought I would give you a clearer picture of what we started with and where we are headed.

Original First Floor Plan 

This is where we are headed for the first floor plan

We have already completed the family room construction by taking down the wall between the study and the office/guest room.  We have also completed the construction of the office. We did lose a bedroom and a full bath when we did this renovation, however the plan is to add the bedroom and full bath back into the house on the second floor above the future sun room addition. 

I am starting to plan out the kitchen now and am currently working on the cabinetry and appliance layout.  I will fill you in when I have those plans finished but will give you a sneak peak of my inspiration kitchen:

Mandarin Kitchen from Smallbone of Devizes

I found this kitchen in Architectural Digest right around the time we bought this house and I love the light airy and open feeling. I like how it is clean and simple yet timeless. I love the built in banquette, although I am not sure I am going to go that route.  I am excited to start thinking about what this space can become! 


Fresh Veggies and leftovers


I don't know about where you are but up here the humidity has been unbelievable! Thank goodness the temps at night drop into the 60's so it is bearable but during the day it is hot and sticky. The last thing I want to do in this weather is eat hot food, so for dinner last night the kids and I had a cold pasta salad.

I tossed together:

  • whole wheat rotelle with leftover chicken (from a chicken I roasted a couple days ago)
  • fresh chopped tomatoes I got from the tomato lady down the street
  • fresh sweet corn from Tom Corn (down a different street) 
  • basil from my back yard planters
  • grated parmesan cheese
  • salt 
  • pepper
  • olive oil

The best part is that I can have leftovers for lunch.  Now what to do with the leftover baked cod?



Kitchen Update... New Lights

I finally got the new lights in the kitchen.  Previously we had a plethora of different sized can lights, there were 4" by the cabinets and 6" in the middle of the kitchen. There were two 4" above the kitchen table and one 4" above the sink.  While I do appreciate can lights I prefer them smaller, so most were replaced with 3" halogen spots. I also replaced the lighting above the table and the sink with pendant lights to give some more overall room lighting.  I found these amazing pendants on Etsy from LampGoods:

Over the tableOver the kitchen Sink

The globes are all from vintage light fixtures and have been put on simple and clean pendants with wire. I love the way the different glass patterns radiate the light around the room. I am almost done patching the ceiling and then on to painting!


DIY laundry room folding table

I know it has been awhile since I blogged, I guess I just needed some downtime.  I have been working on a lot of projects and after the 4 days of rain we had a lovely spring day here today.  I even started to do my garden cleanup.  

As for the kitchen, it has been moving along quite nicely. We finally got the washer and dryer to the basement and got in the cabinets. We did have one measuring snafu where we forgot to account for the crown molding when purchasing the upper cabinets, so we got them all up then realized that there would only be 13" of space between the top of the counter and the bottom of the cabinet. Not enough space for the appliances that are going to live in this area! So back I went to get smaller cabinets.  

Laying in bed, not able to make my brain stop, that night I came up  with a great idea for the 39" cabinets that were too big.  I decided to use them to make a folding (for clothes) table for over the washer and dryer.

The next day I headed to the hardware store and my favorite Hillside employee Tom helped me find the perfect small casters.  I attached 4 casters to the bottom of each cabinet and voila... rolling bookcases (with cabinet doors where desired).  I flanked the washer and dryer with the cabinets, and as my front loading machines are not on pedestals the cabinets were the perfect height to start off and the casters added about an inch and a half. The cabinets also happened to each be 30" wide, a little wider than the depth of the washer and dryer. I really just love when things work out. I measured the width of the washer + dryer + two 12" deep cabinets and guess what... it was 80 inches. I ask you what comes 30" by 80" in a standard size??? Any guesses???

A DOOR! Then I happened to look in an area of our basement where the previous owner left all the old screens and a folding door, not perfect, but it was the right size and available so I made it work.

I needed a little cleaning and a brace in the middle.  Then I removed the knobs and started to upholster it!

1. I laid out my 3 yards of fabric (good side to the floor) 

2. Then a layer of batting

3. a layer of 1.5" soft foam, cut about an inch and a half larger than the door.

4. Door on top!

Then using my handy staple gun and 1/2" staples, I pulled the batting tight and stapled it to the door.


Then starting in the center of one side I started to staple the fabric, working out to each edge. I also made sure to pull the fabric tight on the opposite sides so as not to have any wrinkles or loose areas. 

The corners were a bit tricky, you just have to get the fabric in the right place and then staple.  After I finished stapling I trimmed all the extra fabric and batting.  Then I decided to back it with burlap.

With the door still on the floor I laid one edge of the burlap on the edge of the door, overlapping by about an inch and a half.  then I put a few staples in to secure it in place.


Then I folded the fabric over and started stapling in down, I just turned the fabric under on the other three sides.

I then took it down stairs lined it up on top of the cabinets, and attached it with screws going up into the door from the top of the cabinet.

Now I have plenty of storage for laundry supplies and the table top is at the perfect height, I don't even have to bend over to fold.  I fold and sort all the laundry then challenge the children to take their piles up and put them away (let's see who can do it first!). They don't mind the two flights of stairs! Now i just need the rest of the room to match my sunny new folding table, but that is a project for next fall.


Kitchen- Step 3

I have finally recovered from last weekends kitchen festivities, and we really did get a lot done.  We are now just waiting on the plumber to finish moving the washer and dryer and then we will be in the home stretch!

First we removed the second wall cabinet, it is amazing how much more light and how much bigger the kitchen feels now.

Then I started tiling! I found this great product at Home Depot called SimpleMat it makes tiling a backsplash so easy and so clean.  You just cut it to the size of you wall, peel off the backing and stick it to the wall, and then peel off the front film when you are ready to set the tile.

While I tiled, Chris worked on the lighting.  He took out most of the old cans and has now gotten about half of the new ones in.

We got all of the tiling done, put in the new vent fan, got some wall and ceiling repair done, and even got some painting done.  It is not finished but it is a huge improvement already!