Color Theory

Busy, busy, busy... that is the one word that can describe my fall. Now the snow is falling, Christmas is over, classes are finished, we don't have to be anywhere or do anything and I am sitting at my, finally, clean desk watching the snow fall.  

On the 13th I finished up my Color Theory class, and I am finished with classes until the end of January when I start Intro Interior Design Studio.  If you have never taken a color theory class, I highly recommend taking one. I finally learned what saturated really means and I learned to see color in a whole new way.  It has also emboldened me to take more risks with color in my own home and my bubble gum (yes, bubble gum) velvet arrived for my wingback on the 23rd!  I cannot wait to get that beautiful bright pink fabric on my wingback for the back corner of my otherwise blue living room.

To show y'all how much fun it is to play with color, I wanted to share some of the color projects that I worked on in color theory.

For our mid-term project we had to pick a room from a black and white set of photographs that our teacher gave us an we had to create two color schemes based around one key color.  My key color was the primary cyan (that's blue) and I did an analogous scheme and a tetrad scheme.

Color Theory Midterm Analogous

This is the analogous. I used yellow-green, blue-green, blue and cyan.

Color Theory Midterm Tetrad

This is the tetrad. I used orange, yellow-green, cyan, and red-violet.


For our final project we were all given a description of the same client and black and white pictures of five rooms in that clients home.  We were asked to choose a key color, and design a color scheme for three of the rooms.  The final project needed to look cohesive, reflect the clients likes and desires, and we had to have samples of the materials we were proposing to use as well as colored renderings of each of the three rooms. 

I choose to use green as my key color as I wanted to bring the outdoors inside and I choose the living room, music room, and bedroom.  

Color Theory Living Room

Living Room- Cream and yellow patterned grass-cloth, red-violet velvet on the arm chairs, grey green wool on the sofa and daybed, and accents of fuchsia.

Color Theory Music Room

Music Room- Champaign Silk wallpaper, moss green indoor outdoor fabric on the armchairs, chocolate woven cotton rug, deep purple ultra-suede seat cushion, accents of yellow and fuchsia.

Color Theory Bedroom

Bedroom- luminescent faux shagreen sage green wall paper, sage green linen curtains, rich leather upholstered bed, with embroidered floral red-violet, crimson, and coral flower vines on duvet, and accent pillows of pink and magenta.

We each presented our projects at our final class and it was so interesting to see how 9 different designers could take the same rooms and the same family and create such amazingly different and beautiful designs and interpretations. 


Yes, it has been a long time...

So as you can see I took some time off from the blogging, life got a little more busy about the beginning of August when I was hired to work on a huge interior decoration project.  I am loving working again and am having so much fun.  I am still working on my own projects and the kitchen is still coming along, we should be finished by the end of this upcoming weekend.  I am still taking upholstery classes and am working on a special project for M. I have been doing all the finishing touches around the house and vow that it will be done by the end of November.  I have even been cleaning out! I went through my closet on Sunday and unearthed all my fun Armani suit jackets (from my day's at Armani), I have been wearing them with cords and jeans and it's like I have a whole new wardrobe!  Chris has been hard at work as well, he built me some shelves (you'll get the details later) and he just started a new job and is no longer working at home, yay for him and for me.  Lately I have been spending a lot of time at the Boston Design Center and pulling fabrics for my client, we are working with the most amazing carpet, everytime I bring it out  to look at fabrics against it people compliment it and ask where it is from.  So I'll share:


It is from Angela Adams and it is called Flora Malachite, the colors in it are rich and earthy and beautiful.  I am having so much fun playing with fabric to use on the furniture!  More later, I'll fill you in on all we have done here!


A Real New England Clambake

I know, I know I have been a very bad blogger this past week.  I was away for a few days, then had my good friend Jaime down for a few days, and have been busy with kids and work.  It's all really good stuff but has been keeping me on my toes!

So I wanted to share the photos from our club clambake, we have it every other summer and even though it was less than 2 weeks ago I am already planning what we will pt in our pillow case for the next one.  The clam bake is a great community activity, held on the beach of one of our members. It takes about a week to execute and a few weeks or months to plan!  There is a mountain of rocks delivered:


Then the fire is started at about 8am:


The rock get so hot they split in half, by this point it is about 5pm and everyone has arrived and is watching, socializing, and enjoying themselves.  The wood is removed:


Then the rockweed (seaweed) is tossed on:


It really takes a lot of seaweed to feed about 200 people!


When there is a good layer of seaweed all the food is tossed on, everyone packs what they want in a pillowcase with their name on it. One note, it has to be all cotton!


then more seaweed:


Then the tarp goes on and the air is filled with salty, briny, steam:


Well then my camera battery quit! So I didn't get a picture of the finished food, but a picture cannot describe the amazing flavor of the lobster, shrimp, corn, and potatoes that come off those stones! It is really an loved summer activity!


Headed Out

As I write this I have not yet packed for a little trip I am taking with M tomorrow.  I spent all day at the beach cooking, really yummy food. Today was the bi-anuall club clambake and we had a scrumptious dinner cooked on rocks and steamed with seaweed. I will follow up with pictures and more when I return on Thursday!


DIY Natural Art

This is only our second summer in this house, so we have been here a total of 3 months.  That being said, our walls lack ornamentation.  So I decided we needed some quick and easy masterpieces and with my 3-year-olds help we completed the project in a few hours (plus drying time).

I was at the toy store (celebrating T's potty training) and came across Sun Art paper:

I remember using this as a kid and voila, inspiration hit! I brought it home and T and I picked some flowers, leaves and plants from the backyard. 

Inside, we put the paper on a piece of cardboard (previous night's pizza box), arranged a plant, and gently placed the provided piece of acrylic over the whole thing:


Next, T very carefully carried the box and all out to the back yard and put it on the table in the sun.  Within seconds the paper began to change color to a very light blue.


After a minute or two we brought it inside, where T dunked it in a pan full of water and watched it change color again!  Then he laid it on parchment paper on the dining table so it could dry, and change color again!!

Wet Artwork

Finally, I put the finished prints in frames (I found four on sale at Pottery Barn) and I just have to go to the hardware store to get nails to hang them. What do you think living room or dining room?