Ceramics for the holiday


Gunnel Schmidt piece on my mantel

Friday morning my good friend, Laurel, and I braved the cold and attended the Ceramics sale at Harvard. Laurel's mom is a potter who was one of the artists to show her work, and I am always astounded at the beautiful things that she creates. I did manage to attend this function sans children (as I can easily say that that would have been a disaster)!  It was so nice to walk around in the peace and quiet and take in all the beautiful art, I really had to take four or five looks as my brain could not process it all in one take.  I bought some lovely little bowls for Tucker's teachers, and of course I couldn't resist to get some things for myself! I found a beautiful piece by Gunnel Schmidt that is now prominently displayed on my living-room mantel.  I also fell in love with some wonderfully whimsical pieces by Christopher Adams, but alas they were out of my price range and I really would need to find the exact spot to hang one before I can invest!  Maybe next year... check out the other amazing pieces and info about their next sale at OFA Harvard Ceramics website, it is not to be missed.


Christopher Adams piece


Snowman Toast


my senior year in college a good friend taught me how to make what she calls African Toast.  I know there are many names for it out there and I think I remember someone saying that Cher made it in the movie Moonstruck.  Bekah made it by taking a glass, a frying pan, a piece of bread, some butter and an egg.  She cut a hole in the bread with the glass and buttered the pan, laid the bread and the hole in the pan (hole next to the slice), and cracked an egg in the middle of the bread.  Cook and flip, and you have a fried egg in the bread!  


 my kids eat a lot of eggs, scrambled, soufflé, hard boiled, poached... the list goes on.  Recently my husband resurrected the African toast and they were thrilled to have a new form of egg. Last night for dinner I got a little creative and instead of using a glass decided what fun it would be to use a cookie cutter!  Maddi chose the snowman last night, so snowman toast it was and they ate every last bite!


chairs & craigslist


lately i have been focused on getting the living room furnished! we moved into this house almost three years ago and still have an empty room with no furniture and lots of junk.  i just wrote a paper, on Art Nouveau, for my history of furniture and interior design class and have become obsessed with asymmetrical curves! 

i found this amazing pair of parlor chairs on craigslist, and had to run out and get them right away. they need a little love, but with a little reupholstering they will be perfect!

stay posted for the finished product...


the truth about chickens

there has been a lot in the news lately about having your own chickens.  I am currently one of those people who has chickens and before you think about getting them you need to know all, the good and the bad.  A little over a year ago I received an Eglu as an anniversary present from my husband, I did actually want it so it's not as bad as it sounds. First, if you are going to get chickens (and you have never had them before) seriously consider getting this (my husband found it used on craigslist). It is so easy to clean and move and the chickens stay warm and safe. 

We ordered our chickens online, this I do not recommend as they only can guarantee the sex 90% and we ended up with a rooster that needed a new home. I could not bear the thought of our beloved Cottontail I getting killed. We traded him for Cottontail II

So the good and the bad...

The good... the eggs are delicious, they are fun to watch and are very sweet birds, they make great fertilizer, they are surprisingly low maintenance (we can go away for 3-4 days and they are fine, unless it is freezing cold).

The bad... they create a lot of poop! This is fine in the winter, but in the summer there were flies everywhere! No matter what anyone says you cannot let them have free reign in your yard. If you have any flowers or plants that you would like to keep, they will either eat or scratch everything up.  Also, if you like to use your yard beware of poop! So after a year of learning we have confined them to one area of the yard and we are all much happier.  The children and dog can play and lounge poop free and the the chickens have decimated all the grass in their area.

All in all though the eggs are worth it, but get some flypaper in the summer!



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