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DIY Natural Art

This is only our second summer in this house, so we have been here a total of 3 months.  That being said, our walls lack ornamentation.  So I decided we needed some quick and easy masterpieces and with my 3-year-olds help we completed the project in a few hours (plus drying time).

I was at the toy store (celebrating T's potty training) and came across Sun Art paper:

I remember using this as a kid and voila, inspiration hit! I brought it home and T and I picked some flowers, leaves and plants from the backyard. 

Inside, we put the paper on a piece of cardboard (previous night's pizza box), arranged a plant, and gently placed the provided piece of acrylic over the whole thing:


Next, T very carefully carried the box and all out to the back yard and put it on the table in the sun.  Within seconds the paper began to change color to a very light blue.


After a minute or two we brought it inside, where T dunked it in a pan full of water and watched it change color again!  Then he laid it on parchment paper on the dining table so it could dry, and change color again!!

Wet Artwork

Finally, I put the finished prints in frames (I found four on sale at Pottery Barn) and I just have to go to the hardware store to get nails to hang them. What do you think living room or dining room?



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