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Which Towel is Mine?

Down here we are blessed with more bedrooms than we need but only one and a half bathrooms with limited places to hang wet bath towels to dry. We are also cursed with high humidity, so standard fluffy bath towels just don't dry at all!

I solved not drying problem by buying waffle weave towels which are much lighter weight, however the color selection is limited to cream, taupe, grey or white! I only do white, hence the small problem that all our towels look exactly the same. Which is only a small problem with 2 children and 2 adults, but can become a much bigger problem when we have guests.

Painting Round Objects

For the hanging problem I attached three hooks to the back of each bedroom and bathroom door. I found these great shaker pegs at American Woodcrafters Supply. I used a old piece of styrofoam to hold the pegs while I painted them and while they dried.

Door Pegs

For the identification problem I headed to JoAnn's where I bought grossgrain ribbon in a bunch of different colors. I sewed a loop of ribbon to each towel (using a different color for each towel). Now the only problem is remembering what your color is!

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