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The rules of painting

Surline Edging Tool


The first time i remember painting a room was when I was three and I wanted a pink bedroom. Over the years I painted many rooms many different colors, but the painting technique that my parents had drilled into my head at an early age always stuck.
First, clean walls with soilex. Second, two coats of trim paint with a paintbrush. Third, edge with two coats all walls, corners, and the ceiling. The key to using a paintbrush, my father always said, was never put on too much paint. "If you think that a lot of paint on the brush makes the job faster, you're wrong, it just makes it messy and drippy" so says dad. Finally, roll on two coats, same rules as the brush, not too much paint "it splatters." Oh, and there has to be adequate drying time between all coats.
When i first started painting I was taught to use semigloss on the walls and the trim as it was washable when flat was not. I now generally use eggshell or satin for general wall painting. Let me just say that this was a difficult switch as I had been trained at such an early age.
When my husband, then boyfriend, started painting our first apartment together, he thought I was crazy as her is of the faster is better school, lots of paint on the roller "so you only have to do one coat." I would cringe as paint splattered on the floor and oops he painted the molding and part of the ceiling. He also did not believe in edging, at first he would try and roll to the edge and the corners, causing the ceiling misshaps and corners that were not all painted or scratched at the edges from the roller on the opposite wall. I have never convinced him to edge with a brush, he has tried mini rollers (still not good enough.) So the edging has fallen to me and if he helps it is only the rolling, usually with me nagging "not too much paint."
I arrived at the Cape on Wednesday afternoon and have spent the past two days painting the two bedrooms on the first floor. Today, had to make a stop at the paint store and in a moment of weakness with the thought that maybe it would be faster, I bought the Sureline Edger and Corner tools. I am now a convert! They are fast, easy to use, easy to clean, and (dad do not read this) they do a better job than the brush. They spread the paint evenly and have better coverage. So I am a convert, no more brush for edging! Next time you decide to tackle a painting project yourself get them, but you still have to do two coats! Happy painting!

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Your boyfriend/husband sounds like a genius. Two coats, that's just silly.

July 2, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous

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