Accessorizing a house
Friday, June 18, 2010 at 9:00AM
Vallery Koenig in home, lovely things

Part of what I love about setting up a house it the hunt to accessorize it with great finds that really mean something or are special.  While at times it can be frustrating because spaces can remain bare for months, I think the final result is so much more personal, and will last the test of time,  when you have a truly unique collection of things that have stories.  I must say I am not against going and getting some basics, display bowls, trays, baskets, and such at the usual places (Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Target, etc.) but I like to personalize it with things I have found along my way in life.

I found this dish in an antique store in Maine and the colors called out to me.  It's colors are actually the inspiration for accents in my home like the mirror in the front hall.

 This sandstone elephant came from a Cambridge antique mall, T loves elephants and this one has a baby carved inside the mother.  The colors and design are perfect in the dining room.

The mirror tray came from Target and adds light to the front hall, the three oil lamps were my grandmothers. 

 M loves zebras and my mom gave her this wooden one. The coral is a nice contrast to the dark wooden shelves.

These are two cheap peacock feather fans from India, I cut off the handle and hung them on the wall above the mantle. They have the beautiful turquoise accent color in them and balance the large royal blue juju hat hanging next to them.

The pottery piece is from the Harvard Ceramics Show, the horn is from my favorite store in Concord Center, and the glass dome was my grandmothers. The orchid is real and loves it in there!

Cute little french deco prints from Concord Center.

 I have a pair of these elephants on the family room bookshelves, like the coral they contrast with the white and they add a bit of interest! Oh, and T loves elephants.

My dad made and gave me this bowl, he has taken up turning and made this out of a chunk of black walnut that we cut down when we moved into this house.

 And finally the bell, my dad bought this at the Sandwich Auction House when I was little.  In the summer, when I used to disappear on my bike for the whole day, he would ring the bell and call my name off the back porch at dinner time.  The whole neighborhood knew when it was time for me to go home!  This was given to Chris and I at our wedding where it was a featured prop in my fathers speech.  

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