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Saturday Upholstery Update (long overdue)

I haven't posted an upholstery update in a few weeks. I did miss one class due to a babysitter snafu, so Chris went by himself and I worked briefly at home.

Chris built up the back of his piece so that it no longer had a dip in the middle and would now have a square back:


and he covered the arms with cotton, foam and muslin:

At home my tufting supplies finally arrived and I finished tufting the seat.

At the next class I worked on fixing the fabric down to the underside of the seat:

first I half tacked and then I did the final stapleing, by the end of class the seat was almost done:

Chris worked on padding the back of his piece and covering it with muslin:

At last nights class things really started to come together.  I started and almost completed the back.  First using the old back I cut foam and cardboard to the correct size , then I made the tufting holes, and finally I tufted the back:

Then I tacked and stapled fabric to the back, followed by a layer of cotton and a layer of cardboard. 

Finally, I attached the back and started to tack it down:

Chris was very exited and a little nervous because he finally got to work with fabric.  He started by covering the seat and then he cut the pieces for the back and the arms.

We have one class left... do you think we will finish??? What should our next date night adventure be? I'm voting for rock climbing lessons, but I told Chris it's his pick!

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