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First Sign of Spring, clothes on the line

THe weather today was delightful. No rain and about 45 degrees, we even saw some sun. For me the first sign of spring was hanging the clothes out on the line to dry today.

My favorite thing about not being in NYC is being able to dry my clothes outside.  Last year I looked and looked for a clothesline that didn't look horrible and I couldn't find it.  I didn't want any permanent posts or holes filled with cement in the back yard, I wanted something virtually undetectable when there wasn't wet laundry hanging. Needless to say I couldn't find it, so I headed down to my local hardware store and made my own!

I purchased 3 large screw eyes, 4 carabiners, 2 wall anchors for brick, and a package of clothesline.  I screwed one screw eye into a tree in the far corner of the yard and anchored two into the side of the house.  Then I clipped on the carabiners and tied the clothesline in two separate sections, so I can have one or both clothes lines up at once.  I tied them tight enough to be almost straight, but able to clip and unclip from the screw eyes.  On lovely days I hook up my lines and hang out the clothes. When the clothes are dry I take them down and then the line, all that is left is three unobtrusive screw eyes. The best part was that it only cost about $20 in supplies and 30 minutes to set up!

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