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Saturday Upholstery Update

It is still Saturday even if it is currently 10:30pm.  I am exhausted and ready for bed, however I think it will be a few more hours till I get there.  Last night was once again upholstery class, so we packed up the chairs, fabric, burlap, foam, tools, webbing, and all the other paraphernalia and headed to JP. Unfortunately the head teacher got stuck in Florida due to the snow, so once again i was buttonless! So I set off to deconstruct my other chair. It was just as gross as the first!

but I managed to get it all apart much faster this time and fortunately this chair didn't need to be glued. Now I have two chairs with no seats or backs!

I am definitely ordering the buttons for next week.

Chris continued working on his chaise, and got all the springs tied in about an hour and fifteen minutes, which is apparently pretty quick.

After he was done with that step he started webbing the back and putting on the burlap. When he was all done he actually sat in his chair!

Doesn't it look comfortable?  

As for this weekend, my parents have taken the children down to the cape for three days. You would think that we would be relaxing and maybe having a romantic valentine's weekend. Nope, we are working on the kitchen! So stay tuned for a kitchen update.


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