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Color Theory

Busy, busy, busy... that is the one word that can describe my fall. Now the snow is falling, Christmas is over, classes are finished, we don't have to be anywhere or do anything and I am sitting at my, finally, clean desk watching the snow fall.  

On the 13th I finished up my Color Theory class, and I am finished with classes until the end of January when I start Intro Interior Design Studio.  If you have never taken a color theory class, I highly recommend taking one. I finally learned what saturated really means and I learned to see color in a whole new way.  It has also emboldened me to take more risks with color in my own home and my bubble gum (yes, bubble gum) velvet arrived for my wingback on the 23rd!  I cannot wait to get that beautiful bright pink fabric on my wingback for the back corner of my otherwise blue living room.

To show y'all how much fun it is to play with color, I wanted to share some of the color projects that I worked on in color theory.

For our mid-term project we had to pick a room from a black and white set of photographs that our teacher gave us an we had to create two color schemes based around one key color.  My key color was the primary cyan (that's blue) and I did an analogous scheme and a tetrad scheme.

Color Theory Midterm Analogous

This is the analogous. I used yellow-green, blue-green, blue and cyan.

Color Theory Midterm Tetrad

This is the tetrad. I used orange, yellow-green, cyan, and red-violet.


For our final project we were all given a description of the same client and black and white pictures of five rooms in that clients home.  We were asked to choose a key color, and design a color scheme for three of the rooms.  The final project needed to look cohesive, reflect the clients likes and desires, and we had to have samples of the materials we were proposing to use as well as colored renderings of each of the three rooms. 

I choose to use green as my key color as I wanted to bring the outdoors inside and I choose the living room, music room, and bedroom.  

Color Theory Living Room

Living Room- Cream and yellow patterned grass-cloth, red-violet velvet on the arm chairs, grey green wool on the sofa and daybed, and accents of fuchsia.

Color Theory Music Room

Music Room- Champaign Silk wallpaper, moss green indoor outdoor fabric on the armchairs, chocolate woven cotton rug, deep purple ultra-suede seat cushion, accents of yellow and fuchsia.

Color Theory Bedroom

Bedroom- luminescent faux shagreen sage green wall paper, sage green linen curtains, rich leather upholstered bed, with embroidered floral red-violet, crimson, and coral flower vines on duvet, and accent pillows of pink and magenta.

We each presented our projects at our final class and it was so interesting to see how 9 different designers could take the same rooms and the same family and create such amazingly different and beautiful designs and interpretations. 

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I know vallery would never mention it but she told me she got an A in the class. Go vallery!!!

December 28, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterchris

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