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Yes, it has been a long time...

So as you can see I took some time off from the blogging, life got a little more busy about the beginning of August when I was hired to work on a huge interior decoration project.  I am loving working again and am having so much fun.  I am still working on my own projects and the kitchen is still coming along, we should be finished by the end of this upcoming weekend.  I am still taking upholstery classes and am working on a special project for M. I have been doing all the finishing touches around the house and vow that it will be done by the end of November.  I have even been cleaning out! I went through my closet on Sunday and unearthed all my fun Armani suit jackets (from my day's at Armani), I have been wearing them with cords and jeans and it's like I have a whole new wardrobe!  Chris has been hard at work as well, he built me some shelves (you'll get the details later) and he just started a new job and is no longer working at home, yay for him and for me.  Lately I have been spending a lot of time at the Boston Design Center and pulling fabrics for my client, we are working with the most amazing carpet, everytime I bring it out  to look at fabrics against it people compliment it and ask where it is from.  So I'll share:


It is from Angela Adams and it is called Flora Malachite, the colors in it are rich and earthy and beautiful.  I am having so much fun playing with fabric to use on the furniture!  More later, I'll fill you in on all we have done here!

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