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Concord center & e-bay lamps

my plan was to head to ikea today to get storage systems for all the closets that I have cleaned out so far. I have cleaned out 4 closets and 2 kitchen cabinets, for the 8th of January I say that is pretty good!  

as i was saying, planning on ikea, but the snow ruined that plan! So I headed out with a dear friend to concord center instead. It was indeed a mommy's day out for shopping.  I hit my favorite shop of all, nesting on Main. The owners take a few buying trips to paris each year and they have amazingly beautiful things (watch upcoming posts for the items i aquired there today). I also checked out thoreauly antiques and upstairs antiques. I found three additions to my powder room project which should be compleate and posted soon!

my last stop was in concord lamp and shade where I found the lamp shades I have been dreaming about. Three months ago I found an amazing pair of marble lamps on e-bay for $13.50.  They needed a little work, some cleaning and rewiring.  I cleaned them up with some 000 steel wool and a solution of white vinegar and warm water. Then i headed down to my local hardware store to buy new wire, plugs, and sockets.  About an hour later I had them all rewired and they just needed the perfect shade.  i decided they needed oval drum shades about 8in by 5in and about 6in tall, and that has not been the easiest quest.  I went into one lamp shop, where I was told that was not the correct type of shade for my lamp and then asked who told me that was what i needed!  Then last week,  I was checking out places on the internet on how to may my own lampshades, I really almost bought the supplies (that would be another project to my pile). I did refrain and thank goodness because today I found the perfect shades! Now my lamps live happily on the mantle in my bedroom!

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