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Birthday Invitations

I always joke that we have a birthday parade in our house as all our birthdays fall between late November and mid February, naturally some of those months are the busiest of the year.  The first birthday in January is M's and this year she is turning 5, which is a big thing for a little girl.  When I decided where to have her party my only criteria was that it was easy for me.  So I picked a local place that does a cooking class with the kids (pizza in this case). After they cook and eat their pizza they will decorate cupcakes and have them as the birthday cake! I do not have to bring a thing.  if you are in the Boston area you really should check out Create a cook, I have heard great things and will report back after the party.

This event is coming up in a few weeks and I needed to get invitations, so yesterday in my continued procrastination I thought up a new project on the way home from picking M up a school. I made a detour and stopped up at staples.  Picked up one package of these..

Avery Matte White Notecards #8315

When we got home I took out one card and asked M to draw a picture of something she likes about birthdays. Then I asked her to write a 5, I got this...

M's original artwork

I scanned it into the computer, put it into the card template, and printed the front side. When I was done with all the front pictures I typed up the inside, did a few tests to make sure I was loading the printer correctly, and printed the inside. Voila 10 perfect party invitations! I decided to be lazy/fancy and typed the return address and changed the mailing address for each recipient (again only 10) and printed them out in pink (M's favorite color). Now they are stamped and done...on to the next project! Oh, and I can reprint more of the cards and have her use them for thank you notes after the party!

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Kids love such kind of work. They love arts and are very creative. Thanks for the idea.

December 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterInvitations Engagement

Kids love this one. It so real and nice.

January 16, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterposters printing

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