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The blankie Doctor is in!

Today I awoke to horrible sight, T's favorite blankie had been ripped apart. This is the blankie that we have to take in the car everywhere and that he cannot sleep without. It is rather cumbersome as it is (or rather was) a crib sized quilt. However as of this morning it was in two parts. So off T went to school and I had four hours to fix blankie. The first part of my plan was to removed the beloved part (pictured below). It is an embroidered alphabet, and no I did not make the original!

After the deconstruction I was left with two well loved pieces of fabric. i managed to make them one again with some fusible interfacing and the zig zag attachment on my sewing machine. I then decided that I would make blankie a little less cumbersome, so instead of repairing him with the heavy batting, I used some lightweight cotton batting and backed it with some left over blue pinwale corduroy.  I then quilted it with knots of embroidery thread and bound it also with some left over blue polka dot fabric.  In all it took about three hours, I used up some of my fabric stash, and after a few initial protest T loves his new blankie as much as the old one! Now he also has a blankie to match a dress of M's. If you have any blankies in need of repair send them my way!

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