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Art Prints

i was flipping through the February 2010 Architectural Digest the other day in car line (for those of you non mommies it is where you sit in the car and wait for the teachers to put your child in so you can go home) and I came across this advertisement.  I guess with my fashion background, and my richard avedon obsession, these would just naturally become a personal favorite!  I am still looking for artwork for the guest bedroom, which i also use as my sewing room and these would be perfect. So of course I went online and found a bunch that are absolutely amazing, unfortunately they are a little bit out of my price range.

Ad from Architectural Digest February 2010Richard Avedon



















A little disappointed I filed the conde nast store in my bookmarks for future use and started to think of an alternative solution.  I could draw these and color them with colored pencils.  Last spring I did take a freehand drawing course and found out that I am actually pretty decent with pencil (I did the tulips at the top of my blog).  

then yesterday I checked out one of my usual blogs, katy elliott and found out about the NYPL's digital archive. I checked their site an found a ton of beautiful fashion drawings, that can be printed for $30 each! I cannot wait to order some prints and get them up in the guest room.


Image ID: 824745 [Back view of a woman in a dress and hat.] (1922)

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