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the blue bathroom

When we moved into our house we acquired a new way of naming bathrooms. We now call them by color, the blue bathroom, the pink bathroom, the yellow bathroom, etc. The first bathroom we tackled was the blue bathroom, due to the fact that the only thing we would use it for was  to house the kitty litter box (it was that gross).finishing of the ceiling transitionmid-demo

now you have to imagine that there is a blue potty and a sheet vinyl floor that has been painted cream. the medicine cabinet that hung over the sink actually had a slot in it that was printed with "deposit razors here" so that the razor blades all went down between the walls.  In the mid-demo photo, i was busy at work stripping the paper backing of wallpaper that had been painted blue, oh and was apparently holding up the plaster on the wall under the window! The transition between the tile and the ceiling over the bath was a mess with the paper joint tape showing through! There had obviously been some pretty bad water damage that the previous owner had tried to conceal. when we removed the potty we had to put in a new sub floor because it was all rotted out.  

So, what did we do? We sent the kids to chris's parents for a week and we remodeled the bathroom! First chris took down the tile from above the tub (we kept the beautiful soaking tub and had it re-porcelained).  We headed to lowes for supplies, and to a local tile store for tile! Over the next week we spent 12 hours a day putting up backer board, laying tile, grouting, painting, putting in new faucets toilets and sinks. We did finally have to get our favorite plumber, george, to help us with the toilet because the waste pipe was for a pre 1950 toilet, so our new toilet sat in the middle of the bathroom!  

There were some arguments, some tears, lots of exhaustion, and ton's of celebrating when it as finally done. Now the only thing blue in the bathroom is the ceiling and some stripes on the shower curtain!













We used white subway tile around the shower, 2" travertine for the floor, and a kohler sink and toilet.  I must say my favorite part is the hand sprayer in the tub, it makes bathing children so easy! I'd say it turned out pretty well for our first bathroom renovation and my first attempt at laying and grouting tile.  

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Reader Comments (2)

These pictures do not do Chris and Vallery's hard work justice. The bathroom is gorgeous and light and classic. Great work!

January 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJaime

What a transformation! The white walls and the cream-colored floor tiles with a modern touch make the bathroom classic. Are those painting or photographs that you've taken? bathroom remodeling nyc

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