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It's Beginning to look a lot like christmas!

We got the tree yesterday, which is usually the highlight of the holiday, however we received an amazing gift from my good friend Chesley that was far more entertaining for the family. It involved candy, cookie pieces and frosting and my children were so excited that they wanted to do it the day it came in the mail!  

Chesley sent us a gingerbread house kit from Williams Sonoma:

For me this was amazing because I didn't have to cook, clean,  or prepare anything!  I am amazed that my mother used to do all this and my best friend Johanna would come over and we would assemble the pieces that my mom had baked and cut with the frosting she had made! With a 4 and 2 year old I am obviously not there yet.

My children loved this (I include my husband in this statement) because they had never made a gingerbread house before!  All I did was help kneed the frosting and cut a hole in the pouch, assemble the house and let them go to it.  I did however have to leave the room when my husband made the snowman green! The children spent hours frosting and sticking candy to the house and it is now on display in the Dining Room. Maybe today we will get the tree decorated!

A big thank you to Chesley for all the holiday fun and we are all amazed at your Christmas time preparation even with a new baby!  We wish you loads of restful nights and lots of snuggles!

Finished Product green snowman and all!

M kneeding Green frosting

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I am so glad you guys had fun with the ginergbread house! I knew it was perfect for you guys. LOVE the blog too!!! xoxo

December 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterChesley

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